Autumn Must Haves 2018!

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Personally, autumn is my favourite season of the year. But what is it that makes it so special? Is it because it’s the beginning of all the holiday cheer? The sensational smells? The cosy cotton jumpers? Or the seasonal spirit?

I have come to the conclusion that it is no singular aspect that makes the season of autumn so special, though some particular essentials allow this time of year to be truly magical.

I have put this list of essential autumn must – haves together as I guideline as to things you can make, do, wear and eat – in order to fully embrace this stunning season.

First things first… PONCHOS! Who doesn’t love a big, warm, cosy blanket that you can wear in public, whilst still looking fly as.

A stylish blanket poncho, paired with jeans and boots is such a simple but cute look for the cold weather. Add a statement necklace to the outfit, you can turn it into a sophisticated, classy look.


Absolutely anything that is knitted is perfect in autumn! In colours reflecting the autumnal glow, such as burnt oranges and mustard yellows, knitted clothing can really get you in that warm and relaxed mood – whilst looking great in what your wearing!

Autumn Aesthetic

Fairy lights

They’re a HUGE part of autumn. Hang them anywhere and everywhere for a magical mood setter. (Use orange fairy lights for autumn, and white for winter!)

Go absolutely acorns this time of year!

Go outside and find the biggest acorns you can, varnish them and if you want to make it even prettier, glitter spray the hell outta them! Then display them loosely around your house, or present them in an attractive bowl.

Seasonal flavours

They’re (in my opinion) one of the best and most important things about the seasons of autumn. Because what’s a good time without great food and drinks? The taste for autumn is always based around cinnamon, gingerbread and pumpkin! Pumpkin spiced lattes, cinnamon swirls, hot chocolates – (cinnamon, pumpkin spiced and salted caramel…) gingerbread lattes, cookies, mulled wines, apple crumbles, spiced pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato soups… Mmmmm, I can feel my taste buds tingling just thinking about it!


Big pumpkins, miniature pumpkins, fake, real, carved, glittery or just plain, placed on your bedside table…however you decide to present this seasonal symbol a pumpkin is definitely an autumn must have!

Keep your makeup natural and glowing this time of year. A simple burgundy nail polish or red-based lip stain can give your look a pop, but keep eye makeup on the natural side and keep the contouring on the down low. Just use a foundation to make your skin appear flawless and glowing, and enhance your natural features.

Blog written by Lowena a participant of The Positive People project. A programme delivering two contracts in Cornwall; Coast to Coast and South East Cornwall. The projects will help over 2,300 individuals who are out of work to build their confidence and develop their skills. This is funded by The Big lottery and European Social Fund.