Billie Eilish – An Inspiration.

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Billie Eilish is probably one of my biggest inspirations.

First of all – being a 16 year old myself – I CANNOT BELIEVE how successful Billie has become at such an early stage of her life. Not only that… but it is inconceivable how independent, opinionated and moral Billie has remained despite her early found fame. The music industry is often portrayed as a difficult, soul-draining, energy-absorbing business to be in. And is seemingly difficult to be a part of without the right image, the right style, the right ideas and the correct ethos. Though Billie is an exceptional person with a breath-taking talent, with a truly animated character with a gripping passion to just be herself, no matter how difficult that may seem.


Personally, since Billie’s breakout track ‘Ocean Eyes’ (that she initially recorded for a teacher at a dance company that she attended at the age of 14!!) , I’ve always been a fan of her. It captured such emotion; peace, pain, love, longing….. though Billie only really caught my attention with her recent single – ‘when the party’s over’, written by her brother Finneas O’Connell. This song spoke to me about self-worth. Her journey throughout the song experiences heartbreak, choice, sacrifice, loneliness, reflectiveness, blame, deception, anger, and finally, the need for closure. And although some may see this as a sad and despairing song, I found this song empowering. It displays strength to a great extent within an individual, and shows the emotional journey that everybody experiences in a broken relationship.


Not only is the song so insightful, but Billie herself revealed on Instagram how she imagined THE WHOLE video! From the basic concept of how she wanted the video to look, right down to “every frame, every angle, when and where she wanted to zoom in and out, what she wanted to wear, exactly how she wanted to pick up and put down the glass. And when she wanted the black to leak from her eyes.” She filmed all of this herself, using her mum as a model. And sent it to her people who sent it to the director. This whole abstraction was all based on a picture.. a drawing that a fan gave her at a concert. That’s right –  seemingly one of Billie Eilish’s biggest and most dominant inspiration is fan art. With her fans’ deep passion and Billie’s imagination (that truly deserves to be marvelled at), masterpieces are produced. I guess that Billie never lost her talent for directing! (She has always been interested in cameras and editing, and used to make little films when she was younger, making her friends be in them and then edit them.)


Last, and most certainly not least, (I know this has been long, but this isn’t even half of the credit that Billie and Finneas deserve…. trust me.) BILLIE’S BOMB A*S STLYE DESERVES HELLA RECOGNITION! She’s always said and shown that she really likes fashion, and is always doing so much with it. Her outfits are unique and casual, and look dope asf. She’s described previously that if she was not in the music industry then she’d probably be a designer because it is just “part of who she is”.


You can always tell what is a product of Billie’s enterprise, and hats off to her for being herself and expressing her self in so many different ways. You just keep doing you Billie – in this generation we need more models like you, encouraging people to just be themselves and to be strong.

Billie Eilish really is an artist to follow.

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