REBEL WILSON X ANGELS FASHION really sets the bar for trendy plus size fashion

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In the market of plus size fashion, there seemingly isn’t much room to express yourself as an individual. It is difficult to find a brand that offers edgy, cute, trendy and diverse clothing in plus sizes. Rebel Wilson says during an interview concerning her clothing line that she started to design clothes “purely because in the plus size fashion market there wasn’t really stuff out there that I saw as youthful and on trend.”

REBEL WILSON X ANGELS cater for the needs of people who seek comfort in themselves and the clothes that they are wearing without the shame of having to squeeze into a size 10.


Rebel noticed that there was “a gap in the market, especially for youthful, confident plus-size clothing.” this is where she wanted to “come in and, hopefully, crush it with Rebel Wilson x Angels.” And she is crushing it!

Confidence is the best kind of beauty. It doesn’t matter what number is on the label of your dress, confidence is radiance, and radiance truly is beauty.



Rebel’s clothing line doesn’t just serve a materialistic purpose but is a symbol of acceptance and an inspiration to women who perhaps don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Rebel believes that you should be “comfortable with who you are no matter what size”.

Beauty really doesn’t have a size, everyone is beautiful in their own way… and these models are beautiful!



Rebel explains how “Fashion is notorious for being very exclusive – you see the runway models, and what they look like! But now, more recently, its changing.”



She advises, “Don’t ever hate yourself, because you’re only born with one body! You’ve got to love it, it carries you around. And you’ve got to be kind to yourself.”

Rebel Wilson


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